Posting a Breed Request

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Posting a Breed Request

Post  Admin on Tue May 13, 2008 9:23 am

But it will be soon!

And so, you'd better know how to breed your Shelties!

First, the ONLY breedings that will be processed are those that are posted in this forum. You may make inquiries about studs or dams, or discuss breeding on PI, but I will ONLY process forms listed here.

There have been some slight changes with the ribbons as I work out breeding. To begin with, ALL Shelties will have a litter of between 1-5 puppies. With a normal breed ribbon, you will be allowed to choose one "keeper" puppy to be grown out ("Keeper" selections are to be posted in the Puppy Pen. With a twin ribbon, you will be allowed to choose two "keeper" puppies. The remaining puppies will be placed in "pet" homes. If you use a "special ribon, that ribbon will affect the entire litter (so if you use merle, the whole letter will be merle; if you use a female, the whole litter will be girls. Radoms... you'll get a litter of very random puppies!) If you do not use any ribbon, you will get a random distribution of genders and colours based on the parents' colours.

To breed your Shelties, post the following form:

Sire: (include pic)
Dam (include pic)
Who will be supplying the breeding ribbon?
Who will be keeping the puppies?
Are there any special ribbons to be used?

Once your breeding has been processed, a "bed" will appear in the Puppy Pen under your name. This is your dam's whelping bed, and after several days, she will "deliver" her puppies. Once she has delievered her puppies, you have approximately seven days to pick a "keeper" - if you do not pick a keeper at that time, I will select one for you randomly (use the form provided in the Puppy Pen. Your keeper puppy will be certed and moved to your Exercise pen, and after a short period of time, will grow to adulthood. **As soon as your puppy is certed, it can compete in puppy classes in the specialties!!**

Sound easy as pie? There will be a Questions post below that you can use to ask any questions!


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