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Post  Admin on Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:39 pm

How to Use the Forum

1. SIGN UP!!

OK, you've signed up? Then here's your guide to the forums!

Introductions & Rules - All pertinent information is found here, and I encourage you to read through it. You can also use this forum to introduce yourself to the other members!

General Information - Includes information about how to get Shelties, selling/trading your Shelties or items, and any news updates!

Breeding records - A how-to guide for breeding Shelties

FAQs - You ask, I answer

Exercise Pens - This is where everyone's adult Shelties will be housed!

Puppy Pen - All puppies born will stay in the puppy pen until they grow into adults!

Rescue Shelter - This is for reclaimed or homeless Shelties who will be rehomed at a later time

Ringside Seats - Gossip Away! There may be events here occasionally!

The Breed Ring - Where to show off and find that special someone

Parade of Champions - Brag about your beauties!

Breed/Trade/Item Trade Requests - Post your breed/trade/item trade requests - PLEASE READ THE STICKY!


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