All Things Ribbon-y

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All Things Ribbon-y

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:40 pm

The primary breeding items for Shelties are ribbons, awarded usually through contests, games, and giveaways, and occasionally sold in the Grooming Shop.

You MUST have a Best of Breed ribbon to breed your Shelties, and when you post the breeding, you can request that other ribbons in your inventory be used.

If you are using a twin ribbon, each special ribbon can only be applied to ONE of the puppies. If you receive twins spontaneously, they will be identical.

So, without further adieu, your guide to all things ribbon-y

Best of Breed ribbon - needed to breed two Shelties

Guarantees twins

Guarantees a male pup

Guarantees a female pup

Guarantees the pup will carry one merle gene

Guarantees the pup will have a full Irish pattern (blaze, white collar and legs)

Random ribbon - Use at your own risk!


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