Starting an rp!

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Starting an rp!

Post  Ryuukokoro on Sun May 18, 2008 4:32 pm

(I realize the Sheltie adoptable is focused on being realistic and entering Shelties in the show world, so I don't know if this rp is appropriate here, since it focuses on the dogs themselves without the human handlers (think like the movie Balto!). Just let me know if you'd rather the rp be more realistic Wink

RP plot: Cam, a sheltie who likes to escape from his owners and travel on his own, has arrived in a new town. Will he befriend other shelties in the town, and maybe stick around?

Who can join: Anyone! No need to ask, just feel free to intro your own Shelties to the plot!)

Cam yawned and blinked his brilliant blue eyes in the bright sunlight. It was a good day in the small human town he was currently traveling through. Cam--well, that's what his last owner named him, he kept it for now--stood up and pushed his way out of the bush he had slept under last night. Bits of leaf and sticks stuck in his unique coat, a bright orange and white with the markings usually seen on a huskie. He shook himself all over and scratched under his chin with his hind leg.

Cam had to admit, it was nice when a human would sit down and go through his thick coat with their clever metal claws, taking all the burrs out. But he couldn't be tied down to one home! He was a wild child. He went where he liked and did what he wanted. True freedom, that was, and no collar was going to slow him down.

A grumbling stomach, though, that slowed things down. Cam huffed and set off down the path, heading for downtown where the puddles collected on the sidewalk and street. First he'd assage his thirst, then he'd see who he could beg for breakfast.


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